1.Money can be exchanged at specialized banks and exchange offices located in all areas of the city. The best exchange rates offer the offices located at the airport.
2. Cash will be useful if you want to visit small private shops and markets under the open sky. Supermarkets, major shopping centers, restaurants and escorts accept credit cards. It is necessary to know if the concrete type of the bank card is valid on the territory of the country.
3. Public institutions and shops are open from 8:30 – 9:00 to 16:00 – 18:00, the holiday is Saturday, Friday the working day can be reduced by a few hours.
Tourist guide of Jerusalem
This beautiful city was founded 4000 years ago, it does not cease to amaze the travelers by its magnificence, the richness of the curiosities and the exceptional atmosphere of the harmony. Jerusalem is a …
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4. Tourists must follow the general rules of driving. It is forbidden to demonstrate emotions and make noise in public places. At the entrance of a public institution you must smile and greet everyone.

5. If you have a business appointment you must do your best to get there on time, but the delay will not be judged very severely. The inhabitants of the city are distinguished by a great punctuality and can arrive a little late.

6. The inhabitants of the city are very open and friendly, you can always ask for help. To demonstrate interest in the local culture you have to learn a few sentences in the language of the country. It should be noted that here everyone is accustomed to tourists and often we speak quite a few foreign languages.

7. In markets and private shops prices are to be debated, this will allow to reduce them considerably. Experienced tourists point out that one should not haggle for less than ten minutes, here it is a kind of rutuel that exists for a long time.

8. At the entrance to a department store or supermarket, the guard is shown inside his bags. This is not a mandatory rule, but often it is done for security reasons.
9. On weekdays (Sunday to Friday) public transportation runs very well. Buses run through the streets of the city from early morning until late at night. But we must not forget that Saturday public transit does not work, which is why it is quite problematic to move to the most remote areas.
10. Unlike other cities, in Jerusalem it is allowed to sit on the lawns to rest or use the bugs like benches. Souvet we can see the world sitting directly on the ground, here it is considered the norm